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Is it any wonder that many find themselves on a screen or on a podium? As a Scorpio, you see a person sizing you up and take it as a challenge. Scorpios have a talent for persuasion. Scorpios have the ability to be both charming and repellant — Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are both Scorpios. Just those meme legacies alone speak to the vast spectrum of reactions that Scorpios in the public eye are capable of producing. Under your impenetrable exterior, however, you may get impatient and angry with yourself.

You often refuse to express these feelings of doubt, which will only exacerbate them, especially at work. Scorpios are almost obsessively determined and incredibly idealistic, which gives them the power to both self-analyze and self-sabotage. Take time to process your emotions in private, then express them in a healthy way.

Take constructive criticism seriously rather than personally.

4. Your Saturn sign and house.

Ever the adventurers, Sagittarians demand a high level of excitement and newness from employment. It may be hard for many to settle down into one career or to feel fulfilled in a traditional job. While you may seem flighty and shallow at times, Sagittarians are often deeply philosophical and curious creatures, always learning and growing.

This is your perfect job, according to your zodiac sign

On top of that, Sagittarians have effortless charm and very little insecurities in social situations. This equips you perfectly for teaching, counseling or mentoring. The archer is also renown for its boldness, refusal to back down and willingness to take risks. You are furiously optimistic and — though an unabashed charmer — independent at heart.

You thrive in an environment devoid of tedium and repetition: a job that allows flexibility and movement.

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Sagittarians may pursue paths as pilots or flight attendants, travel journalists, stuntmen or explorers. They are often remembered for their joviality, sense of freedom and charisma. As a Capricorn, you are probably extremely comfortable in positions of power and responsibility.

See Another Sign’s Career Horoscope

Business is often heralded as a special strength for the Capricorn sign. This is likely due to the nature of the work itself: status, productivity and financial success are usually much more important to a Capricorn than the company or goal. Earth Signs are attracted to stability, and Capricorns are most likely to take traditional career paths. You are known by your coworkers and superiors if you have any of those for your accomplishments, your legacy and your persistence, not necessarily your warmth or demeanor.

Think Miranda from Sex and the City. You win admiration from your peers because you say what you mean, you mean what you say, and you get the job done without too much talking at all. Your patience, determination and coolness under pressure is perfect for high-stress jobs and situations. People will admire your integrity and seek you out for guidance, but remember that your own workload is usually more than enough. Non-profit and volunteer work is very common for the Aquarius sign. Nevertheless, Aquarians are innovative, eccentric and inventive human beings.

What is My Calling in Life?

Those with a mind for math or science will likely find great personal gratification with a job in the tech world, working to discover new methods of progress. Aquarians desire to serve as the catalyst for positive change. They channel passion into their everyday lives with strong willpower and far-reaching idealism. Pisces is an imaginative, observant, difficult-to-define sign.

They have vast stores of empathy and scarily accurate instincts, which allow them to read people and understand human emotion on a profound level. As a Pisces, you may be drawn to helping others understand themselves — perhaps as a counselor or therapist — or to plumbing unknown, complex terrain like an astronaut, deep sea diver or psychologist. Your optimism tends to inspire others and you may find yourself in a reluctant place of leadership. This is the planet of innovation and change. You can expect your career to be full of positive twists and turns—and you enjoy that unpredictability.

Pluto is the planet of transformation, and it represents the more substantive, meaningful parts of life.

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Try Vedic astrology instead. Also, want on-demand astrology meanings via text? OMG, I forgot to pack a bra to change into after my sweaty workout—what do I do? Can fruits and veggies ever really be bad for you? Why one healthy eating expert says we need to chill. If an eyelash curler and mascara had a baby, this would be it. These are the immune-boosting supplements to take as the seasons change, according to a nutritionist.

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Your Best Career Based on Your Astrology Sign

Loading More Posts Most Popular. At times, you can be a bit dramatic—which is awesome, since you could easily transfer that energy to a career based on performing, artistry, or writing. After all, you put your heart and soul into everything you do—and a performance would be no exception. Analyzing little details others may not notice is your strong suit, but so is staying organized and remaining practical in the face of chaos.

In other words: You would be a top-notch accountant. As long as your left brain gets a workout on a regular basis, you will be one happy camper. You are a team player, through and through. At first, your indecisiveness may prevent you from wanting to try out such a career—but your dedication to justice will prevail in the end. While being emotional is a beautiful, human thing, it may be hard for you to embrace a job that requires you to put your emotions on the back burner.

Freedom is extremely important to you, especially when you consider your impulsive nature. Or, you could try being a travel guide or writer, which would be wonderful since your enthusiasm for adventure tends to be contagious.

This tends to work in your favor since this allows people to focus on the fact that you are a practical, responsible person with the ability to be a phenomenal manager.

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