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Cookies Tapatalk. What is your decan? Find your decan's personality here. Dec 26, 1. Do tell if you agree or not with the traits written about your decan. Thanks x 6. Dec 26, 2. Thanks x 1 LOL! Dec 26, 3. Thanks x 1. Dec 26, 4. Virgo-Virgo has all the traits of Virgo in double force. They are almost too good.

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They are almost too intelligent. Virgo-Virgo is an Earth sign and are by nature an attainder. The double Mercury injects the limitless possibilities that exist for the Virgo-Virgo.

Intellectual activity, knowledge, understanding and truth are gifts they do not waste. Mental insistence and concentration are often their greatest strengths.

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The Virgo-Virgo in love is romantic, devoted and has a great sensitivity toward a lover. Virgo-Virgo must connect intellectually in order to be fully attracted to another. Those best suited for Virgo-Virgo are often with those they can just let go and have a good time. These fun loving types can prove mutually advantageous with the Virgo-Virgo providing structure and dependability, yet the other partner having a more relaxed attitude that those Virgo-Virgo may lack.

The reason Virgo-Virgos are survivors is that they are unceasingly productive. They are able to spot and solve molehill problems before they become mountains. They are smarter than the average bear and their motives are never ulterior. Virgo-Virgo have the ability to be flexible, to adapt to situations and problems that arise. Often their insights are thought of as prophetic but they are the result of keen observation.

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Erogenous Zone: The Virgo-Virgo has got the sensitive buns. Anyway you touch those buns is blissful to the Virgo-Virgo. I agree with my decan reading. I actually find the first decan Virgos to be the more popular bunch than the other decans. I know three women in real life who belong to each decan. I find her to be nice and caring. A tad bit shy but a good friend to have.

A no-nonsense person who is dedicated to her work. Honest and responsible. A messy person.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Also very inconsiderate towards others and her surroundings. Dec 26, 5. Dec 26, 6. Thanks x 2 Hugs! Dec 26, 7. I have a Sagittarius-Leo Decan. With Jupiter as Sagittarius-Leo dominant ruler, they are ever the explorer, wanderer, and adventurer. Leo shadings have instilled within them a love for noble pursuits. In love, Sagittarius-Leo is passionate and impulsive.

Those best suited for the Sagittarius-Leo are often those who can weave a magical spell around them, after first lulling them into letting their guard down. Sagittarius-Leo is big hearted, extremely thoughtful and quite giving. Sagittarius-Leo is drawn to magical and ecstatic experiences, not only in their personal lives but also in their careers.

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Aquarius Decans

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