Taurus weekly love horoscope february 2020

Are you ready for this week's Full Moon in Taurus? The Full Moon phase is a period that lasts up to three months. Full Moon signifies a completion of a lunar cycle, and also signals that it's time to let something go. We are collectively invited to let go of haste. With the snow season comes the hustle and bustle of the high holidays. Shopping, travel and planning for New Year's Day. However, Taurus does not like to rush.

So, for all zodiac signs take note. Taurus loves to take time to enjoy life and all its comforts and so should you.

Taurus 2020 Love Horoscope

From home-cooked dinners made in a slow cooker to deep, rich desserts and warm and fuzzy blankets, slow down and enjoy 'the good stuff'. This week was made for a warm fireplace, a romantic candlelit meal, and walk beneath the moonlight. The Sun represents the ego and the work you do during the day.

Even though you were born with a particular Sun sign, where the Sun is each month points you to a new focus. For now, the Scorpio Sun is nearly complete with this solar transit. Scorpio season ends on November 22nd. Best activities to do while Scorpio season is here involve financial planning, investments, reviewing of your corporate materials. Venus represents your view of beauty, partnerships and definitions of love in romantic relationships. Venus is in the sign of Sagittarius until November 25th. Staying direct all year, we are all blessed with an opportunity to be fruitful in our endeavors.

Venus rules relationships but as the planetary ruler of Taurus, she contributes energy to property matters. In Sagittarius, it's a dual-edge sword. Venus encourages us to share but she also warns in giving too much away without carefully thinking things through. The optimism of Sagittarius can render a person overly exposed when thinking that everyone is as honest and forthcoming as they are.

Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. During retrograde season, focus on completing whatever projects you started during the New Moon in Scorpio. Mars is your motivation and drive. It's called the planet of war and it rules Aries. We are at war with our relationships while it is in Libra, but only to fight for what is fair. Mars enters Scorpio on November 19th and turns attention to sensuality.

While in Libra our relationships can become catalysts of change. Disagreements can be productive. Arguments clarifying.

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Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn and we are gaining strength and learning how to manage and make money. Work and career efforts are productive and fruitful. This is a great time to go hunting for a new job or to be ambitious and get a promotion into a new role. To find out more, check out your zodiac sign below to see predictions from your weekly horoscope from November th, , according to astrology.

Aries, you will want to invest your money into new furniture or to buy something cashmere this week to remind you that softer is always better.

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Aries weekly theme song: Love Myself — Hailee Steinfeld. Taurus, you are your best friend and best teacher this week. You know what you enjoy most in life, so why not go for it? Taurus's weekly theme song: Glorious — Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey.

Taurus Horoscope - Love, Health , Money & Career

Never give up when you are down, always pick yourself back up because you will find your way in life that's perfect for you. Rules the 2nd house. Ruled by Venus. Taurus is stable, strong and protects the pastures found by Aries. Being Venus ruled it is a passionate sign and enjoys the material bounties of our world and seeks to keep them safe. Taurus is dedicated and loyal. Weaknesses include: Extreme stubbornness, being unable to bend, materialism and possessiveness.

Pluto and Saturn help you finally harvest the fruits of all the efforts from the previous years. Now you are satisfied that your merits are acknowledged and, full of enthusiasm and confidence, you start planning new projects and establishing new contacts.

The year is also a favorable year in love. Now you can be more exigent. If you are already involved in a stable relationship, you will hint to your partner that you are willing to continue only if you get more attention and tenderness.

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The aspect formed by Mercury and Pluto this year will encourage you to reorganize your budget. It is not excluded to start up a company or organization, or to move your accounts to another bank, etc. You are free to act according to your own interests, to choose what way to follow, to accept or not the different opportunities that occur. Spend time by yourself to meditate and recuperate, clean up any physical or emotional baggage that impedes your well-being or prevents you from being in harmony with your spiritual self.

This is a good time to initiate a major spring cleaning that would allow you to flourish all throughout the following year. You manage to rekindle a romantic relationship, but it still needs patience and imagination.

Long-term romances reach a new understanding that gets even better through March , while singles Taurus get started on something passionate around the end of February. April is the kindest month with Taurus, spreading love that gets brighter every day. The 8th through the 18th are rejuvenating, emphasizing that love should be more play than work.

The horoscope forecasts that singles Aries can look forward to May , when some intellectual challenges lead to a welcome romantic interlude.

New relationships may have difficulties between the 9th and 20th, but issues reach a quick, positive resolution and lead to an especially sweet interlude. Halloween clears up the mystery and adds a sexy dash that becomes more intense than you expected after your dry spell.

Taurus weekly love horoscope february 2020
Taurus weekly love horoscope february 2020
Taurus weekly love horoscope february 2020
Taurus weekly love horoscope february 2020
Taurus weekly love horoscope february 2020
Taurus weekly love horoscope february 2020
Taurus weekly love horoscope february 2020
Taurus weekly love horoscope february 2020

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