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Week of June 6, 12222

It gives credibility and gravitas to your idealistic striving. Its seed is huge, weighing as much as 40 pounds and having a diameter of 19 inches. The seed takes seven years to grow into its mature form, and then takes an additional two years to germinate.

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Everything about the coco de mer seed that I just described reminds me of you, Capricorn. According to my analysis of the astrological omens, you've been working on ripening an awesome seed for a long time and are now in the final phase before it sprouts. The Majestic Budding may not fully kick in until , but I bet you're already feeling the half-enjoyable, half-mysterious pressure. In fact, the speed at which it fractures could reach 3, miles per hour. Unfortunately, your mental blocks and emotional obstacles are often not nearly as crackable. You may smack them with your angry probes and bash them with your desperate pleas, yet have little or no effect.

But I suspect that in the coming weeks, you'll have more power than usual to shatter those vexations. So I hereby invite you to hurl your strongest blasts at your mental blocks and emotional obstacles. Don't be surprised if they collapse at an unexpectedly rapid speed. In , the cheese guild issued a decree proclaiming, "If you make fake mortadella And I recommend that in the coming weeks, you commit to comparable standards in your own sphere.

Don't let your own offerings be compromised or corrupted. The same with the offerings you receive from other people. Be impeccable.

Free Will Astrology: Are the barbarians coming, Taurus?

Homework: Saul Bellow wrote, "Imagination is a force of nature. Is this not enough to make a person full of ecstasy?

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Write freewillastrology. Free Will Astrology Sep 3, In the coming weeks it will make good sense for you to travel down winding paths, Aries Read more.

Synergize the functions of your discerning mind and your devotional heart, Gemini Read more. Skip to main content. Contact Contests FAQ. Home astrology. RSS astrology. Congratulations in advance for getting rid of the dead weight. Now and then you may even experience the strange sensation of being completely satisfied with the quality and amount of sweetness that arrives. To ensure optimal results, be as free from greed as you can possibly be.

And this cleaning process stings.

Free Will Astrology for the Week of July 13

The cleaning of a wound hurts. Healing takes so much work. So much persistence. And so much patience.

And you are likely to make more progress than you would be able to at other times. I realized how little I live in my body, how much in my mind. We spend much of our lives entranced by the relentless jabber that unfolds between our ears. But I want to let you know, Scorpio, that the moment is ripe to rebel against this tendency in yourself. In the coming weeks, you will have a natural talent for celebrating your body. I am happy to let you know that you now have more power than usual to dissolve seemingly indelible stuff like that.

It will also be more important than usual that you do so! Pisces February March 20 Unless you work at night and sleep by day, you experience the morning on a regular basis. But aside from your personal associations with the morning, this time of day has always been a potent symbol of awakenings and beginnings. Throughout history, poets have invoked it to signify purity and promise. Dream interpreters might suggest that a dream of morning indicates a renewed capacity to trust oneself.

All of these meanings are especially apropos for you right now, Pisces. Aries March 21st - April 19th Whose enemy are you? Answer honestly, please.

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Next question: Do you derive anything useful from playing this oppositional role? But if, on the other hand, you get little value out of this negative relationship, now would be a good time to change it. You have more power than usual to free yourself from being an antagonist. According to ecstasy expert Rapunzel Blavatsky, the very nature of ecstasy seems to be evolving.

Researchers at her Berkeley, California-based Beauty and Truth Lab have found that increasing numbers of people are able to cultivate a chronic, low-grade rapture that never fully dissipates. This altered state often sensitizes their perceptions to the presence of subtle miracles that are hidden from others. The center of my gravity exploded like a supernova, instantaneously spreading my awareness out to the size of the universe, turning me into a furious sun-blasted ocean-soaked wind-cured radiance, arriving everywhere at once from the heart of the Only Intelligence There Is.

And I was home again, worshiping inside the tabernacle in the wilderness. Be willing to dirty your hands and even your mind. Feel the moss on your back, the leaves in your hair, and the mist on your bare legs. If you like, you can take what I just said as an elaborate metaphor. All of creation loves you very much.

But are you willing to start loving life back with an equal intensity? The adoration it offers you has not exactly been unrequited, but there is room for you to be more demonstrative. By that I mean you will have a knack for attracting and playing with allurements and enticements. And when you get a lock on the invigorating, ennobling kind, you will know just how to work with it so that it drives you wild with smart longing. I invite you to pursue a similar possibility, Sagittarius. I thrive on riddles.

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Any idea I believe, I reserve the right to disbelieve as well. It smells like cedar smoke in the autumn rain, and if you close your eyes right now, you can feel it shimmering like the aurora borealis in your organs and muscles. Some people argue that life is strife and suffering is normal. But pronoia says that being alive on this rough green and brown planet is the highest honor and privilege. Visualize it if you dare. The sweet stuff that quenches all of our longing is not far away in some other time and place.

freewill astrology taurus Freewill astrology taurus
freewill astrology taurus Freewill astrology taurus
freewill astrology taurus Freewill astrology taurus
freewill astrology taurus Freewill astrology taurus
freewill astrology taurus Freewill astrology taurus

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